When Cindy and I first spoke about scheduling a photo session with Kolby and Kameron, I must admit I had concerns on my ability in capturing the inner soul of these boys. In other words, I knew my limitations. So I prayed. Hard. I didn't want to disappoint Cindy and her family with what I captured. 

My assistant and I were amazed at the expectations that Kolby had for the photo session. He had obviously been doing some research on his best pose. He was the sweetest young man that I have ever to this day met. He has a wonderful sense of humor. 

The youngest boy has more disabilities than the older. I wasn't sure if we connected at first. I wasn't sure of his expectations. But once I came home and opened up the images on my laptop, I realized that He and I did connect. 

This session made me reevaluate my expectations in God. Do I believe that God is BIG enough to handle the expectations that I have for HIM? Richard Alleine said that "the reason why we obtain no more in prayer is because we expect no more". That statement is stuck on repeat as I look into the eyes of these sweet boys. Jesus really came thru for me on this session...when my expectations were limited. What would happen if I took the limits off my faith and just believed? 

I pray that you enjoyed this very first installment on my new "page". As you can tell, I do better telling our stories thru images than I do words. Thank you for supporting me in my new adventure in photography. 

These are just a few sneak peaks of their session. 

until next time,