I have been trying to find the words to explain my obsession with capturing  so many images of my church. I am so not good with words. Or if the words come...I have probably put the punctuation in the wrong place and things like that. So if you are an English major, please put a blindfold on. You are going to need one. I am a photographer not a writer. But in my attempt to create my photography page...I will do my best to be more transparent with my words and not just my images. 

When we finished our new sanctuary at PGPC, everyone was showing off the new building on instagram. I personally thought it was awesome. But some did not. I heard a few voices that were tired of seeing the church pictures. Well...I made up my mind that I was going to attempt to get a new perspective of the church every chance I could. 

As I attempted to capture the church in different perspectives and edits, God was teaching me to view other things in my life differently. If you are very close to the church, all you see is the church.  But if you take a step back,  the church is smaller and the world around you is bigger. This is also true for life's problems. If we stay focused on the church, all we see is the church and how great God is. On the other hand, take a step back..look at life around you and then look at the church. The church is not your focus then, its your life. 

I am not by no means talking to anyone but myself on this page. After all, not many even know that I have this page yet. :) 

So...when you see my images of the church. Remember...I am blocking out every hurtful thing that comes my way in this life by keeping my focus on the church.

One of the dear ladies in my church always prays.....Lord, help me not to look to the left nor the right. Help me to keep my eyes on you. 

That is such a powerful prayer to me... It's all about focus.

until next time,